5 Voices: How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead


Citation for Book: Kubicek, J and Cockram, S.  5 Voices:  How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone you Lead.  Hoboken, NJ:  Wiley, 2016.

Recommended by:  Alan Spies, alan-spies@ouhsc.edu

Star Rating (1-5): 5

Review: Leadership is relational.  This book is a simple, powerful tool for improving the quality of relationships.  There are many books that promise to “change your life” or “maximize your capacity” but this book delivers because of its powerful simplicity. The reader can easily apply these proven principles in home and workplace. Jeremie and Steve (the authors) have masterfully created a resource that should be a mandatory read for every person who wishes to communicate and lead more effectively. I know it has humbly changed the way I view my own communication style. Before I read this book, I minimized and often resented the other four voices. Now, I actually seek voices that differ from mine. That is true transformation! If I could give this book 6 stars, I would do it.


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One response to “5 Voices: How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead

  1. I used this material for this first time Fall 2016 in an elective titled “Foundations of Leadership” with 2nd year pharmacy students. Students were introduced to each of the 5 Voices, identified their “primary” leadership voice and applied these voices through role playing scenarios designed to reflect common student pharmacist leadership situations. In some scenarios, learners applied their primary voice, in others they were asked to communicate in a way they felt reflected a voice that was not their own as a way to further appreciate what the other voices may sound like. This session very well received by the class – the 5 Voices framework highly resonated with the class. Several students recommended that a similar session be delivered within a required course for all student pharmacists.

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